The Sword -Volume One (2020-21)

Volume 1, Episode 4

On this episode of The Sword... we take a look at the challenges and stress students face with hybrid learning. We also visit a student who is learning the English language while going to school in a new country. Finally, we talk with a student who has built her own business so she can give back to others.

Volume 1, Episode 3

In this episode, we speak with a Kennedy student who experiences racism and his ideas on how to address the topic. We also visit with a teacher from Kennedy who is going for gold this summer! Lastly, we show you how to make Ramen to help warm up cold afternoons.

Volume 1, Episode 2

In a COVID world, Kennedy students are participating in Virtual Athletics. We also talk with students who on their computers all day for school. Can you suffer from Zoom Fatigue?

Volume 1, Episode 1

In the first ever episode of The Sword, we learn what it's like for college students as they start off the school year navigating COVID restrictions on campus. We also check in with a Kennedy student to talk about what it's like to begin the school year virtually.