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The Sword

Kennedy's news magazine program is The Sword.  Students work on in-depth pieces that tell unique and interesting stories.  

5/26/23 - VOLUME 3 - EPISODE 10

On this episode of The Sword...Chat GPT is affecting the way students and teachers look at work.  We also have a story about the different types of cultural foods.  What it’s like to get bean boozled.  And the college fair makes a visit to Kennedy.

4/20/23 - VOLUME 3 - EPISODE 9

On this episode of The Sword... the difference a year can make.  Kennedy's varsity basketball coach help the team enjoy a turnaround season.  A courtyard at school is being turned into a butterfly garden.  Celebrating the contribution women make.  And a look at the upcoming lacrosse season.

3/24/23 - VOLUME 3 - EPISODE 8

On this very special edition of The Sword, KCTV is in Long Beach, California for the STN Convention.  This is our entry for the Crazy 8's competition for News Magazine.  Homeless numbers are growing in Long Beach.  We talk with some people who are facing challenges on the street.  And we check in with a roller skate shop to talk about the roller skating culture in Long Beach.

3/2/23 - VOLUME 3 - EPISODE 7

In this episode of The Sword...we take a look at businesses in downtown Silver Spring as we practice for our trip to the Student Television Network Conference.  We speak with a small business owner who makes her own ice cream!  And we visit with someone who owns and operates a recording studio.

1/13/23 - VOLUME 3 - EPISODE 6

Opioid use is on the rise.  We speak with a student who talks about his experiences and the dangers.  Students who are a part of Kennedy's ARS program work in a restaurant at school to learn life skills.  A DC radio legend and Kennedy alumni talks about the radio station he started.  And what are you doing for Valentine's Day, Cavaliers?

1/13/23 - VOLUME 3 - EPISODE 5

On this episode of The Sword... a student driven group at Kennedy works to reduce the achievement gap for minorities.  Jephthah meets up with a student who has taken on boxing.  We hear about your unpopular opinions.  And it's time for an all new "What's the Word?"  Shakespeare edition.

12/16/22 - VOLUME 3 - EPISODE 4

On this episode of The Sword... how is social media affecting education?  We take a look at what it takes to be a cheerleader at JFK, a recipe that's been handed down through generations and we visit the Winter Lights Festival in Gaithersburg.

11/18/22 - VOLUME 3 - EPISODE 3

On this episode of The Sword... It's college application season!  We'll talk with seniors working their way through the process of submitting applications.  We visit with a class at Kennedy where you create with your hands.  And what's on your Fall Hit or Miss List?

10/31/22 - VOLUME 3 - EPISODE 2

On this episode of The Sword... MCPS has completed its two year anitracist audit.  We will hear about the results and suggestions.  Young voters are heading to the ballot box for the first time.  What are their thoughts?  We will have a roundup of what happened at Homecoming.  And it's time for a KCTV pumpkin carving contest.

1/29/22 - VOLUME 3 - EPISODE 1

On the first episode of the year for The Sword, we revisit the March for Our Lives Rally that happened at the end of the school year.  We also check in with students at Kennedy to see what their comfort level is with COVID.  Why are people choosing to wear or not to wear masks?

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